Welcome to WCSGA

The WCSGA welcomes all golfers 55 years of age and older. The yearly membership fee is $20 per year. The fee for new members is prorated by quarter. For details on proration, see the Membership Application in the Main Links section for details. Tournaments will be held on every other Thursday of each month. Please see “TOURNAMENTS”  in the Main Links Section for tournament dates.


Membership Qualifications 
Membership is open to men 55 years or older who meet the qualifications specified on the Membership Application. The Membership Application can be printed, completed and submitted in person or by mail to the Treasurer along with the appropriate payment.  Membership requires a GHIN number for handicap purposes and can be purchased annually in the golf shop.

Membership Application - 
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Tournament Guests
Members are encouraged to bring a guest (age 55 plus) to any scheduled individual WCSGA tournament including and especially the annual member/guest tournament. Guests cannot be invited to the annual 2 day WCSGA Tournament, an ABCD tournament, a scramble, or other special event. See “TOURNAMENTS” for more information,

WCSGA Rules of Golf
WCSGA tournaments are played according to USGA Rules, as modified by WCSGA Local Rules of Play. Players are expected to be familiar with and apply the rules. The WCSGA Local Rules of Golf can be viewed in the “RULES” section of the Main Links.


Tournament Schedule and Cost
The WCSGA Tournament Schedule is posted in the “TOURNAMENTS” section of the Main Links. The Tournament Fee, currently $36, is payable as a single payment to the Watters Creek Pro Shop. The payment includes green fee, $5 for tournament prize fund and range balls. Tournaments played on the first, third and (if applicable) the fifth Thursday of each month are “Shotgun” starts. Tournaments played on the second and fourth Thursdays are staggered starts.

Choose Your Tee and Have More Fun
To provide all members with an enjoyable tournament experience, WSGA offers the option to play from one of three tee boxes – White (the longest), Gold or Red. Refer “TOURNAMENTS” for more information.

General Tournament Procedures and Management
Tournaments are managed with extensive support from Watters Creek officials utilizing the USGA Tournament Management Golf Genius System. WCSGA uses Golf Genius software to simplify tournament signup and to provide tee sheets (pairings) which can be viewed on the Golf Genius website. Tournaments will be flighted based on the total number of players. The maximum number in a flight will be 25.

Upon completion of play, scorecards are turned in to Watters Creek officials who will check scores and post scores to the system. The system calculates winners of each flight and the dollar amount won. Tournament results are available for viewing on the Golf Genius website immediately upon completion of play.

Member Account Balance
A Player’s winnings are credited to an account in the member’s name, maintained by the Wattters Creek staff. These may be used to purchase Pro Shop merchandise, range balls, food purchases from the grill and green fees for rounds with individual starting times. Not available for shotgun starts.

All balances will be available by contacting the pro shop, either in person or by phone, or by e-mailing 
Matt Sipko


Refer “MEMBERS” in the Main Links section.

Tournament Signup
Members will receive an email from a member of the Watters Creek staff notifying them of the next tournament and providing a link to register (or not) for that tournament. Payment in advance will be required for the “shotgun” tournaments.

Although discouraged, members also have the option of signing up by telephoning the Watters Creek pro shop at (214) 509-4653.

WCSGA Handicaps
Beginning in 2022, all members must have a GHIN number for handicap purposes.  GHIN memberships can be purchased in the golf shop for $25.00 per year for league members.

Closest to the Pin
Tournament participants, who play from the white and gold tees, have the option of entering into the Closest to the Pin (CTP) side game. Refer “TOURNAMENTS” for details. Cost is $4.

Hole In One (HIO)
Tournament participants, who play from the white and gold tees, have the option of entering the Hole in one (HIO) side game. Refer “TOURNAMENTS” for details. Cost is $1.